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Located in Canada, Guaraná Technologies stands as a leading mobile app development agency. Our Winnipeg app experts are dedicated to crafting native apps for iOS and Android, harnessing cutting-edge tools like Swift, Kotlin, React Native, IoT, and Beacons. Our team of expert engineers and developers consistently delivers outstanding solutions to our valued clients.

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More Than a Mobile App
Development Company in Winnipeg

At Guaraná Winnipeg, we're more than just a team – we're a collective of driven individuals committed to elevating entrepreneurs and enterprises. Our thirst for knowledge shines through in every line of code we craft and every dialogue we engage in. We meld professionalism with a casual ambiance, guaranteeing the delivery of elite mobile apps and web solutions that are both robust and adaptable.



We don’t build ordinary apps; we build great ones.

An iOS app can function seamlessly on the mobile devices of your business’s consumers. Our developers will ensure your app provides the personalized experiences users need to feel engaged.


No outsourcing to foreign lands; our apps are completed in-house. Period.

We keep a full-time & in-house team of talented iOS & Android developers, quality analysts, designers and UX/UI specialists. So your project will always be in good – and highly skilled – hands.


10+ years of experience in crafting, developing, and launching apps.

We’ve developed and launched over 130 apps, and we know what it takes to make a successful app. From the initial full consultation to post-launch, we have the expertise you need to grow your app.

Our App Development Process

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Guarana is one of the biggest mobile application maker in
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Our Mobile App Development in Winnipeg Expertise

Guarana designs bespoke applications meticulously tailored to your business objectives. Committed to holding our top-tier status in Winnipeg's app development scene, we carefully craft apps to amplify your ambitions. Our proficiency spans diverse technologies and sectors.


Android App
Development in Winnipeg

Guaraná stands as Winnipeg's foremost Android app development firm, boasting a decade of seasoned expertise. We're champions in bridging the tech gap for both budding ventures and seasoned enterprises. Trust our team to craft reliable, intuitive, and secure native Android apps.

iPhone and iOS App Development in Winnipeg

At Guaraná, we harness cutting-edge technology to craft unique iOS applications that uplift businesses and foster dedicated user communities. Partner with a Guaraná iOS app specialist in Winnipeg and gain an expert ally every step of the way.

Custom Web App
Development in Winnipeg

Crafting web applications or enhancing your mobile platform online, we open the door to a broader audience, elevating their digital journey. Our seasoned Winnipeg developers are committed to designing, building, and presenting web apps tailored for every industry.

IoT Developers in

Guaraná is Winnipeg's premier IoT development powerhouse. We craft intelligent, expandable apps that amplify your digital footprint and captivate your audience through fresh, inventive methods. Trust us to turn your IoT vision into reality, seamlessly integrating it with devices via sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and wearable tech.

VR & AR Developers in Winnipeg

Virtual reality and augmented reality have become intertwined in everyday technology across industries. Guaraná has been Winnipeg's top mobile app development company for over a decade. Our expertise lies in designing virtual environments, simulators, and VR/AR games for Android and iOS.

UI/UX Developers in

At Guaraná, we know that the smartest code on earth is nothing without an intuitive, eye-catching interface. Our skilled UX/UI developers in Winnipeg can turn your app idea into a profitable, user-friendly product.

Our App Development Portfolio

Take a look at some of the mobile apps we developped.


Toronto Waste Wizard

The city of Toronto trusted us to develop the Waste Wizard mobile app – a project created to assist Toronto citizens to easily find out what waste items go where as well as when they should dispose of each type of garbage in their neighborhood.

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The app gives users the possibility of seeing all the men who liked them, the ones they have as favorites, and users who keep an eye on their profile.

No Closet

No Closet is an app developed with the possibility to help people make money with their closets. Users can sell and rent any item they have on the platform and create a line of customers.

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The application serves as a marketplace where retail stores can offer their soon-to-expire products for sale. This gives users the opportunity to save money on their purchases.

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