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Developing applications for Android requires solid expertise. Our experienced team guarantees that your project will be delivered on time and with excellence.

The Android operating system is well-established on the market, and continues to attract companies. They are looking to launch Android solutions to boost their brand. At the same time, they aim to increase customer engagement. To do this, they call on Android mobile application development experts. These specialists work with them to turn their ideas into realistic, innovative and effective solutions.

Guaraná, well-established in Montreal, Toronto and New York, has over six years' experience in Android application development. Our mission is to make digital development accessible to startups and established businesses alike. Contact our team and see how we can take your business to the next level.


A Solid Team
Android Agency in Montreal, Toronto and New York

At Guaraná, our innovative approach creates unique solutions that power businesses and build engaged user communities. Our engineers and technical team have mastered the key concepts required to build complete digital projects.

It all starts with an idea. Working closely with our customers, we explore the challenges facing their industry, identify their competitors, and define key functionalities. In this way, we turn concepts into digital realities.

We build simple, secure structures, integrating the right technologies to ensure optimal performance on targeted platforms.

When you choose Guaraná for your project, you benefit from a reliable and competent partner every step of the way.

Features & Benefits Of
Developing An Android App


Consumer Engagement

Our developers ensure that your application delivers the personalized experiences needed to keep your target audience engaged.


Better Service Delivery

Our Android mobile app development services are designed to build lasting relationships between consumers and businesses.


Usable Everywhere

An Android mobile application puts your service right in your customers' pockets, ensuring constant availability.

Why work
with us

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We are based in Canada and New York.

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We avoid costly or inefficient development. We write the right amount of code for the highest performance.

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We tailor your application's functionality to your business needs.

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We support startups by offering affordable rates.

Who is Android App
Development for?

Tech Startups

Startups are the cradle of innovation and competitiveness. Our digital development team has the expertise and resources to help you build lasting relationships with your customers.

Our focus is on creating unique and impactful mobile solutions.

Existing Businesses

Our developers will help you reach your audience in a new way with a user-centric application that works on all Android devices.


If you're looking to increase engagement and improve product awareness, our team in Montreal, Toronto and New York is ready to assist you. We're committed to creating an innovative application that can help you modernize your business.

Our Android App
Development Process


Android App Wireframing

One of the most important stages in mobile development is wireframe design. Our UX experts focus on creating clear, functional structures that facilitate use and enhance the app's practicality.


Android user Interface Design

Our team excels with Android, a scalable framework ideal for adaptive user interfaces. Using this platform, we adjust layouts to suit different devices. We also develop customized widgets. This approach ensures a consistent, tailored user experience on different types of Android devices.


Android App Programming

Our developers, experts in Java, use the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) for their projects. This software provides a rich, versatile environment for innovation on a variety of Android-based mobile devices. It enables the design of innovative mobile solutions, adapted to a wide range of devices running this operating system.

Our expertise with Android app development

For many years, we have been dedicated to developing Android solutions. Our qualified professionals are on hand to guide you through every phase of the development process.

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Kotlin is a programming language that communicates efficiently with Java. It is statically typed, making it easy to write reliable code. Its conciseness helps developers solve more problems with less code.

This speeds up development and reduces time-to-market.

By integrating Kotlin, we offer our customers an innovative approach to improving their Android applications.



Flutter, an open source UI framework, enables us to create mobile applications of near-native quality.

Its advantage lies in the ability to use a single code base for both web and desktop applications. As a modern tool, Flutter is essential for developing cross-platform applications.

It ensures faithful rendering of code on every device and operating system.

Our Android apps have been featured in


Examples Of Our Android App
Development Projects

Toronto Waste Wizard

Toronto Waste Wizard

The city of Toronto trusted us to develop the Waste Wizard mobile app – a project created to assist Toronto citizens to easily find out what waste items go where as well as when they should dispose of each type of garbage in their neighborhood.

Toronto Waste Wizard
No Closet

No Closet

No Closet is an app developed with the possibility to help people make money with their closets. Users can sell and rent any item they have on the platform and create a line of customers.



Aardvark is a book club where users can subscribe and received 3 books of their pick every month. The community in the application can discuss around the books and discover new authors to read. 


We Work With

Guarana is one of the biggest mobile application maker in
Canada. We have worked with hundreds of companies to design and develop the apps. 

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

Jeremy Gordon

Co-founder @ KINETICOACH Travel Trainer

We were blown away by the responsiveness of their developers and their uncanny ability to conceptualize exactly what we were looking for in our app. From graphics to interface, they exceeded all expectations and delivered an incredible solution.

Trisha Stone

CEO @ IntheMood

Guarana managed all of the technical elements of the design/build of my mobile application, In the Mood. They're creative, they care, and they build great products. I have come to rely on them to not only build an amazing product but to also offer strategic advice on design and growth.

Lionel Coelho

Tech Project Manager @ City of Toronto

The app was looking sharp and functioning as intended.

Khaled Khalifa

Director @ Nurse on Call

They care about the product and their clients and they see the long-term potential of your business. They're responsive and approach the engagement with a long-term perspective.

Méléhi Diane Yo

Founder @ BC Paris

Thank you for your services Guarana Technologies. You were able to understand my desires and I am completely satisfied. Additionally, you provided comprehensive mentoring and guidance throughout the development process. I highly recommend, you support entrepreneurs. Innovative is the word that best describes you. I highly recommend.


CEO @ GoBeMap

Guarana did a fantastic job developing an iOS mobile app for me. GoBeMap is makes it much easier for people who lead a healthy, active lifestyle to find the places that support them. I'm not a tech guy, and Guarana was very patient and produced a great product - no crashes reported. I'll continue to work with them, and already recommended them to a friend for his established business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Android App Development

Got Questions? We've got answers!

What is Android application development?


Android application development involves programming and designing applications for the Android operating system.

These applications are generally developed in Kotlin, Java or C++, using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK).

Once created, they are published on Google Play.

What is Android app development used for?


Companies are opting to create Android applications for a variety of reasons. Some focus on developing educational apps, while others aim to provide an entertainment experience for their users.

Apps offer a powerful platform for customer engagement, whether with new users or loyal customers.

Their successful development requires the expertise and technical resources of skilled engineers.

Android native vs. hybrid: understanding the differences


Understanding the distinctions between hybrid and native approaches can guide the choice for your business.

Native programs are developed specifically for a system or software environment, often via SDKs. 

These tools are optimal for high-definition games and complex graphics rendering. They benefit from faster coding speeds than HTML and JavaScript.

On the other hand, hybrid applications combine some of the advantages of native applications, such as the ability to be distributed via application stores. 

They offer compatibility with both iOS and Android using a single code base. This method is often preferred for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

What language do we use?


At Guaraná, we favor two main languages for our Android projects. Firstly, Kotlin is highly appreciated for its modern features that simplify varied programming.

Its compatibility with Java offers great adaptability in our developments.

Secondly, we use Java, designed to minimize external dependencies.

This versatile language enables efficient programming on all platforms supporting Java.

What is the role of an Android app developer?


An Android app developer handles design, testing, and programming for their clients. As an experienced software engineer, he turns the client's vision into reality.

He uses advanced development techniques and understands the target audience well. These skills and methods allow him to create robust and attractive applications.

Finally, it is capable of creating applications that captivate users and meet their needs.

Why do I need an Android app developer?


Creating a mobile application is precise work that requires the expertise of a professional to guarantee the security and solidity of the app.

A mobile technology specialist brings his expertise to the development of your application.

Thus, it takes into account current trends and user needs to align your project with market standards.

Furthermore, collaborating with this expert transforms your vision into an effective and attractive mobile application.

Additionally, regular testing is carried out to ensure the quality and performance of the application.

Finally, you benefit from support throughout the project, to achieve your objectives in a targeted and efficient manner.

What are the benefits of Android app development?


Opting for Android is economical, mainly because device and hardware costs are generally lower than iOS. Additionally, its large user base, estimated at 200 million, helps lower overall costs.

The flexibility of the Android platform allows for easy customization, ranging from simple adjustments to more complex modifications. This ability to adapt favors the creation of more attractive and functional mobile solutions.

Security on Android has improved significantly, now rivaling Apple devices. Its secure structure is effective against malware, and automatic notifications keep users informed of activity on their device.

The speed of development on Android promotes a rapid and well-timed launch of the solution. This helps reduce time to market.

A typical Android development project by Guaraná


At Guaraná, each project begins with an original idea. We start by developing a preliminary concept.

Then we examine whether Android is suitable for your project and ensure its feasibility. Our experts analyze the market to select essential features.

We clarify your doubts and answer all your questions, constantly keeping you informed of the progress of the project.

The process spans from initial design, wireframe development, final testing, and presentation of the application to the public.

Where does Guaraná provide Android app development services?


Our team of professional Android app developers is based in our offices in Toronto, Montreal and Brooklyn, New York. They are also available to assist our customers throughout North America.

What are the Android app development services provided by Guaraná?


At Guaraná, we offer a wide range of services and customized solutions in the digital domain, serving clients across North America.

Specializing in creating robust, scalable and attractive Android solutions, we work for various companies and brands.

Our collaboration aims to define your vision and objectives, choose the right platform and technology, as well as the specific characteristics desired for the user experience.

Beyond mobile development, we offer services in Web development, IoT, AR/VR, and UX/UI design.

These complementary solutions allow our clients to expand their reach and forge lasting relationships with their customers.