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Guaraná Technologies emerges as one of Canada's leading mobile app development companies with a pivotal presence in Montreal. Specializing in the creation of native iOS and Android apps, our talented team of engineers and app developers offer state-of-the-art solutions. We excel in a range of technologies, including Swift, Kotlin, React Native, IoT, Beacons, and beyond.

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More Than a Mobile App
Development Company in Montreal

At our Montreal headquarters, we're much more than a team; we are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to empowering innovative entrepreneurs and established enterprises. Our unwavering pursuit of knowledge is evident in every line of code we write and every strategic checkpoint meeting we lead. Our professionalism is balanced with an enjoyable culture, ensuring we find pleasure in our work while consistently delivering unparalleled quality mobile apps and web software in stable, scalable formats.


We don’t build ordinary apps; we build great ones.

An iOS app can function seamlessly on the mobile devices of your business’s consumers. Our developers will ensure your app provides the personalized experiences users need to feel engaged.


No outsourcing to foreign lands; our apps are completed in-house. Period.

We keep a full-time & in-house team of talented iOS & Android developers, quality analysts, designers and UX/UI specialists. So your project will always be in good – and highly skilled – hands.


10+ years of experience in crafting, developing, and launching apps.

We’ve developed and launched over 130 apps, and we know what it takes to make a successful app. From the initial full consultation to post-launch, we have the expertise you need to grow your app.

Our App Development Process

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Guarana is one of the biggest mobile application maker in
Canada. We have worked with hundreds of companies to
design and develop their mobile apps.   

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Our Mobile App Development in Montreal Expertise

We are experts in crafting personalized applications that flawlessly align with your business objectives. As the leading app development company in Montreal, we pride ourselves on creating apps that are custom-tailored to help you accomplish your goals. Our vast expertise spans various technologies and industries, ensuring that our solutions are of the highest quality and effectiveness.

Android App
Development in Montreal

Guaraná is Montreal's go-to Android app development firm, with over a decade of industry experience specializing in accessible technology solutions. We excel in crafting native Android apps that offer your users unmatched convenience, security, and stability. Trust us to meet and exceed all your business app development needs.

iPhone and iOS App Development in Montreal

Guaraná's expertise in cutting-edge technology enables us to deliver outstanding iOS apps that elevate businesses and cultivate devoted user communities. When you collaborate with Guaraná's iOS app developers in Montreal, you'll benefit from an experienced ally who will support you at every project stage.

Custom Web App
Development in Montreal

Our Montreal-based team is highly skilled in crafting intuitive and efficient web apps tailored to diverse industries. We excel at expanding your mobile digital footprint to the web, amplifying your audience and boosting your online prominence. 

IoT Developers in

We are the top Montreal IoT development agency. Our experts create innovative and scalable apps that elevate your digital presence and captivate your audience with cutting-edge techniques. We are specialists in developing IoT products, using advanced technologies such as sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and wearable tech to bring your vision to life.

VR & AR Developers in Montreal

Guaraná is Montreal's leading Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality app development company. We specialize in creating innovative VR/AR games, simulators, and virtual landscapes for Android and iOS platforms. As such, we are confident in our ability to deliver top-quality services.

UI/UX Developers in

At Guaraná, we understand that superb code is just one part of the equation. Without a captivating and intuitive interface, your app won't make a splash. Fortunately, our team of top-notch UX and UI developers in Montreal is primed and ready to transform your app idea into a user-focused work of art that delivers results.

Corss-Platform App Development in Montreal

For top-notch cross-platform app development in Montreal, Guaraná Technologies is your choice. Our skilled team uses advanced technologies, such as React Native and Flutter, to create seamless apps on iOS and Android. With Guaraná, you can expect a cohesive, high-performing mobile experience that transcends platform limitations.

E-Commerce App Development in Montreal

As Montreal's go-to e-commerce app development experts, Guaraná specializes in crafting user-centric digital storefronts that drive sales and customer engagement. Our apps incorporate cutting-edge technology to provide a seamless and secure shopping experience. Trust Guaraná to elevate your e-commerce strategy to the next level.

Mobile Game Development in Montreal

In Montreal, Guaraná sets the standard for excellence in mobile game development. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools, we create games that offer immersive and captivating experiences for players. Join forces with us to turn your innovative concept into a chart-topping mobile game.

Our App Development Portfolio

Take a look at some of the mobile apps we developped.


Toronto Waste Wizard

The city of Toronto trusted us to develop the Waste Wizard mobile app – a project created to assist Toronto citizens to easily find out what waste items go where as well as when they should dispose of each type of garbage in their neighborhood.

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The app gives users the possibility of seeing all the men who liked them, the ones they have as favorites, and users who keep an eye on their profile.

No Closet

No Closet is an app developed with the possibility to help people make money with their closets. Users can sell and rent any item they have on the platform and create a line of customers.

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The application serves as a marketplace where retail stores can offer their soon-to-expire products for sale. This gives users the opportunity to save money on their purchases.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Jeremy Gordon

Co-founder @ KINETICOACH Travel Trainer

We were blown away by the responsiveness of their developers and their uncanny ability to conceptualize exactly what we were looking for in our app. From graphics to interface, they exceeded all expectations and delivered an incredible solution.

Trisha Stone

CEO @ IntheMood

Guarana managed all of the technical elements of the design/build of my mobile application, In the Mood. They're creative, they care, and they build great products. I have come to rely on them to not only build an amazing product but to also offer strategic advice on design and growth.

Lionel Coelho

Tech Project Manager @ City of Toronto

The app was looking sharp and functioning as intended.

Khaled Khalifa

Director @ Nurse on Call

They care about the product and their clients and they see the long-term potential of your business. They're responsive and approach the engagement with a long-term perspective.

Méléhi Diane Yo

Founder @ BC Paris

Thank you for your services Guarana Technologies. You were able to understand my desires and I am completely satisfied. Additionally, you provided comprehensive mentoring and guidance throughout the development process. I highly recommend, you support entrepreneurs. Innovative is the word that best describes you. I highly recommend.


CEO @ GoBeMap

Guarana did a fantastic job developing an iOS mobile app for me. GoBeMap is makes it much easier for people who lead a healthy, active lifestyle to find the places that support them. I'm not a tech guy, and Guarana was very patient and produced a great product - no crashes reported. I'll continue to work with them, and already recommended them to a friend for his established business.

Our Office in Montreal

4446 St Laurent Blvd #1000, Montreal, QC H2W 1Z5

+1 (514) 613-6050

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