After you create your app and place it for sale on the app stores, your central goal is to increase the number of users. Your success depends on maximizing the number of people who find your app. App features can provide a significant boost to lifespan and popularity. Check out the following five app features, designed to increase your user base.

1. “Share the App” Tool

Make use of technology that allows users to share the app they are currently using. If you incorporate sharing features in your app, enthusiastic users can reach a sharing screen with only one click. They will be able to share your app link using SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Recipients of these shared links are likely to be highly receptive, because the recommendation saves them from having to sort through options on the app store.

2. Invite your Friends

Add a way for users to directly invite their Facebook friends to download it. The Facebook development team is very friendly toward app developers, and provide app users the ability to send their friends a direct, personal Facebook invitation to download an app they like.

3. Offer Rewards for Sharing

Create a sense of collaboration among your current app fans by offering them an exclusive reward for sharing your app or inviting their friends to download it. You can design special discounts, VIP access or exclusive premiums for these brand advocates to motivate them to spread the word about your app.

4. Prompt User Ratings

The more (good) ratings you can stimulate for your app, the higher it will appear in app store search results. If you have happy users – even if your app is still in beta – you will benefit from prompting users to leave your app a review. Enable a splash screen with a reminder on it to encourage users to stop and tell the rest of the world how much they appreciate your app.

5. Install Automatic Sharing

Whether your app is dedicated to playing music, improving fitness, or identifying leaves, your user has to take certain actions. If you install automatic activity sharing with users’ Facebook and other social media networks, your app’s name will be propagated through a growing number of channels. Your user enjoys the ability to share an exciting discovery or accomplishment, while your app benefits from continuous free publicity.

App development involves hard work, and effective marketing is needed to make your work truly pay off. Including these helpful app features is like hiring a tireless marketing assistant to grow your fan base and build your company’s success.


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