When I first began working with Guaraná Technologies, I was fresh out of university having completed an undergraduate degree in English studies and a graduate diploma in Journalism, and I didn’t have a clue where my life would take me next. Like all graduates, I applied to many jobs hoping and praying someone would take a chance on me. I was lucky to stumble across a content writing position with Guaraná.

Initially, I was pretty nervous when they got back to me asking for an interview because I didn’t have extensive knowledge about technology and app development. Sure, I knew the basics, but things like UX, UI, IoT and Beacons were all pretty foreign concepts to me. Well, writing as an intern for Guaraná, you certainly learn very quickly how all the processes work and everyone is so kind and open to giving help and advice. I found the work environment to be stress-free, comfortable and the weekly free fruit certainly was an added bonus!

While writing for the blog, I learned a lot about structuring and organizing the posts properly, using the WordPress platform as well as some SEO principles. I was given the freedom to choose a lot of the post ideas, I never went into a content meeting empty-handed. It is always a good idea to have pitches ready! My advice for future interns would be to not be afraid to voice your concerns if you have questions and to always take the time to check your work. It’s okay to have multiple drafts and to rewrite the post many times in order to get it just right.

Naturally, I can be a pretty shy person, and at some jobs in the past, supervisors or managers didn’t like being peppered with questions. It was the complete opposite at Guaraná. Everyone was always ready to lend a helping hand and answer my questions or verify my blog post research even though they might have been super busy. I was there to learn absolutely everything I could about content writing and app development in Toronto and Montreal. I came away from this opportunity with that knowledge and so much more.

I really soaked in and grasped at everything I got the chance to learn and I hope future interns in this job position will appreciate the opportunity for growth and improvement like I did. Good luck and happy writing!


Our values

Partners - not providers.

Guaraná will act as your partner and advisor throughout the whole process. Our app development process is tailored to be collaborative and we truly embrace each one of our projects. Being a well rounded and skilled team makes us a great long-term partner for both startups and established companies.


Execution equals excellence.

We truly commit to your digital app development project's success. We're passionate about turning your web & mobile application idea into a high-performance digital product with authentic design, smooth usability and amazing engagement. We provide nothing less than the best user experience possible.


High-quality code built for business growth

Our tech team ensures we always craft the best logic for your users and your strategy. Our scalable solutions are ready to accommodate any new features you might need - when your business evolves, our code evolves with you.