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Software is in every piece of technology we own, from our cars to our mobile devices. As the market continues to evolve, software programs must evolve alongside it.

Guaraná is a full-service software company in Montreal and Toronto with over 10 years of experience in building everything from simple websites to complex software. We’re experts in building cross-browser responsive web and mobile app solutions for enterprise businesses, startups, and A-Z e-commerce and we’re ready to build something amazing together.

We understand the importance of developing software that can evolve alongside your business and work closely with our clients to create a web or mobile app that is both functional and visually engaging. Learn how our professional developers can help you take the next step.

Software Development Agency in Toronto & Montreal

At Guaraná, we’re proud to be one of the leading software companies in Toronto and Montreal, offering a wide range of customized mobile app development services and solutions.

For over 10 years, we’ve worked with clients at every stage of business, from startups to established corporations, to help them realize the potential for enhanced consumer engagement and increased revenue. We take time to understand the unique facets of their brand and use this knowledge to create tailored iOS and Android software.

If you’re ready to take your company’s virtual presence to the next level, trust our experienced mobile app developers in Toronto to help you every step of the way.

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Features & benefits of using software development


We’ll enable the website to look good on every screen taking from computer desktops to laptops, mobiles, tablets, and even smart TVs.


We make sure to enable your software to perform every action and navigate seamlessly between screens and features.


Have software that responds quickly to user interactions with silky smooth animations and no janky scrolling.

Our expertise with software development

Our experienced software developers understand the nuances of each programming language and will utilize their insights to create cross-browser responsive web solutions for startups, enterprise businesses, and A-Z e-commerce.

node js web app development

Agile-based methodology for both client and server-side web applications that are perfectly aligned to meet your business objectives. Learn more.

ruby rails web app development

An open-source framework for Web development in Ruby, an object-oriented programming language similar to Perl and Python.

Mongo db web app

A free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program. Learn more.


A JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework mainly maintained by Google and its community. Learn more.


A high-level, dynamic, weakly typed, object-based, multi-paradigm, and interpreted programming language. Learn more.

React Native

A Javascript code library developed by Facebook and Instagram that enables the development of hybrid apps in a faster and easier way. Learn more.

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Who is Software Development for?

Software Development for Startups

Tech Startups

Startups are an important part of our economic fabric, bringing new and innovative ideas to the table. We provide professional development software solutions to budding businesses, helping them bring their ideas to life.

Software development for existing businesses

Existing Businesses

Even established businesses must be able to innovate and challenge the current market. With our app design expertise, we help our clients take their company’s virtual presence to the next level.

Software development for manufacturers


The manufacturing industry is rapidly changing, and it’s up to production leaders to stay ahead of the curve. Our expertise helps today’s manufacturing companies add intelligence to their existing products.



We’ll establish the full scope of your project before diving into the details, including identifying how the software will be used and the type of data to be included.


With the parameters in place, we’ll begin the design process, including outlining system requirements and implementing the necessary coding for your iOS or Android app.


Once we’ve completed our testing, we’ll prepare your app for its debut, continuing to monitor its progress and user engagement and ensure any bugs are swiftly removed.



Walltime™ is a web and mobile software that enables users to share videos via light projections on giant walls in New York City. Users can use the platform to purchase, upload and manage projections.


Raden’s software allows customers to fully track their orders as well as manage all the information gathered from their smart luggage as well as track its location.

Flex fit
Flex fit

A scheduling, discovery and matchmaking software adapted to both mobile and web that enable users to find the best training professional according to their preferences and goals.


Kllect’s software algorithm analyzes user behaviour and makes smart suggestions on what other videos to watch next.


We built a reservation management system software that allowed venues to seamlessly organize, schedule and reserve their tables and booths to clients and increase revenue.


Numnu is a software that allows users to discover, rate and share information on food festivals. We worked on both the mobile application as well as its web app extension.

What it is like to work with our developers

★★★★★ – Trisha Stone – CEO at In the mood 
Guaraná managed all of the technical elements of the design/build of my mobile application, In the Mood. They’re creative, they care, and they build great products. I have come to rely on them to not only build an amazing product but to also offer strategic advice on design and growth.

Frequently asked questions about software development

What is software app development?

Software development is the process of creating computer software using one or multiple programming languages. Software provides a set of instructions that tell a computer or mobile device what to do and is independent of hardware, while a programming language provides functionality that helps businesses enhance their virtual presence. Through several detailed planning and development stages, the final product is operational software that can be applied to a number of web and mobile projects.

What is software app development used for?

The development of software is used for a diverse range of applications, though it is primarily incorporated in the process of mobile and web application development. Through software, developers can program their projects to achieve any number of results, from social media tools to storage systems, controlling machines and devices and more.

What is the role of a software developer?

Software developers are crucial to the functionality of your mobile apps and web browsers. They are the creative force behind your favourite gadgets and are tasked with everything from creating specific software programs or apps to large-scale networks that control other programs.

There are two classifications of developers, each with their own responsibilities:

Application Software Developers
These developers are experts in creating web or mobile applications and their work is primarily client-focused. They will use their expertise to take their client’s vision for their company and create software solutions and a final application that meets their needs. Through the process, they will monitor the app’s progress and make modifications wherever necessary.

System Software Developers
Professionals in this area are primarily focused on software at the operating systems level and network distribution. They’re tasked with building scalable solutions for larger enterprises, often in the medical, military, industrial, and communications industries.

Why do I need a software developer?

The process of creating software for a web or mobile application is complex and nuanced, and must be developed with the user in mind. A professional developer understands the importance of efficient software and has the experience and insights to create an app that is functional, scalable, and visually engaging.

Developers have their fingers on the pulse and can determine the growth trajectory of the marketplace. This insight is crucial for clients looking to improve their virtual presence and user engagement. With their skills and expertise, a developer can create software that enhances their client’s mobile or web application. Through these apps, their clients can promote their products and services, engage with consumers, and grow their revenue.

What are the benefits of software development?

Online marketing is an essential component for today’s businesses and the creation of mobile and web applications is the ideal tool to increase consumer engagement and revenue. The development of software plays an integral role in these end goals and offers a wide range of benefits to the client, including:

Company Promotion
Brand visibility is essential to scalable and sustainable growth. Our software company will create a web or mobile application that not only enhances the promotion of your company to your current customers but encourages new customers to invest their time getting to know your brand.

Enhanced Communication
Developing software is the most efficient way to enhance your communication with your customers. Through this process, we create scalable apps that are visually engaging and provide the functionality your customers need to feel like part of your community.

Increased Revenue
An online platform provides customers with the opportunity to enjoy your products and services in a faster and more efficient way. By giving them a more convenient platform to reach your brand, you’re simultaneously increasing your potential revenue.

At Guaraná, we’re proud to be a leading software development company with a rich roster of experience building custom websites and complex software for our clients. We’ve worked with companies in every major industry, from hospitality to culinary.

How to get started with software development

The first step to developing software for a mobile app or web browser is researching experienced developers and software companies in Montreal and Toronto to find the right one for you. A professional agency and its team will have the insight and expertise to guide you through this complex process.

At Guaraná, we understand every brand is unique and will tailor our software and app development services to reflect their company’s mission. We’ll work with you to identify your goals and long-term objectives and create a custom app that speaks to your customers.

Our process is designed with quality assurance at every stage, from developing to launch. We perform continuous testing to ensure your project is free from bugs and malware and will monitor its user engagement once it’s gone live.

What programming languages are used for the development of software?

Whether you’re interested in iOS or Android software development, our professional software company can utilize the features and functionalities of six major programming languages.

Node.js utilizes agile-based methodology to develop client and server-side web applications through an open-source and cross-platform application. Node.js developers can build rich, highly-scalable apps that align with their client’s business objectives.

This innovative programming language incorporates everything programmers need to develop database-backed web applications, including a framework that is easy to learn, rich libraries, and open-source capabilities.

If you require high write loads, big data sets, or location-based data, MongoDB development provides an innovative schema that is ideal for product data management and e-commerce websites.

With Angular’s dynamic framework, Angular developers can tailor the application to meet their clients’ unique needs without compromising the desires of the user.

As one of the leading programming languages on the market, JavaScript offers developers flexibility, speed, and enhanced performance. With these back-end benefits, programmers can create a customized app experience for their clients.

Known as one of the trendiest mobile JavaScript frameworks, React promises solutions to common app development challenges, including code harmonization, platform fragmentation, and development speed.

At Guaraná, we work alongside our clients as their partners in React Native mobile app development. We take the time to understand the needs of their business and their long-term objectives. With this insight, we can customize our software process to reflect their end goals.

How much does software development cost?

The cost of developing software for a web or mobile application can vary depending on a number of factors, including the complexity of the project, the platform used to host the app, the custom features included and more.

At Guaraná, we’ll assess the full scope of your project to determine the overall time and costs associated with development. We’ll provide a fair and transparent quote for our professional services.

What software development services does Guaraná provide?

Guaraná provides a wide range of software and app development services in Toronto, Montreal, and across North America. We develop strategies, software, and applications that elevate our client’s place in the market.

The process of developing software can be complex and nuanced and requires in-depth coding and programming knowledge to create an app that can compete in a dynamic marketplace. Our team has worked with every major programming language, from JavaScript to Node.JS and can help you determine which program is right for your project.

Whether you’re an innovative new startup or an established corporation, our team can help you identify the vulnerabilities in your virtual presence and create an application that strengthens your customer engagement. We take the time to understand your company’s objectives and the long-term goals for your brand. With this insight, we can create a plan of action that results in a quality mobile or web app with the features and benefits your users will expect.

From our first meeting to the official launch of your custom app, Guaraná is by your side answering questions and helping you understand the important details involved in our process. Get in touch with our team today to learn how our app development solutions can help your brand realize its full potential.

Where does Guaraná provide software development services?

Our specialized iOS and Android software development services are not only available at our offices in Toronto and Montreal, but are accessible across North America. We provide convenient virtual consultations and can help you grow your brand’s online presence from anywhere in Canada and the United States.

How can I get in touch with Guaraná’s software developers?

If you’re ready to take your company’s virtual presence to the next level, get in touch with our app development and software experts today. Visit us in person at our Toronto or Montreal offices, or contact us by phone or email.

Let Guaraná help you realize the possibilities with innovative web and mobile app development.